Avicanna Sells Stake in Colombian Subsidiary Sativa Nativa

The aggregate price paid by the purchaser was approximately CAD $675,000.
The aggregate price paid by the purchaser was approximately CAD $675,000.

Avicanna, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of plant-derived cannabinoid-based products, is selling its stake in Sativa Nativa S.A.S., which was the company’s secondary majority owned Colombian subsidiary.

The aggregate price paid by the purchaser for the company´s shares in Sativa Nativa was approximately CAD $675,000 in addition to a potential premium of CAD $130,000 subject to the accomplishment of specific short-term milestones.

The company said the transaction allows it to eliminate redundancies, reduce its operational costs and generate efficiencies across its South American operations by focusing its supply chain efforts at its much larger and more operationally advanced majority owned subsidiary Santa Marta Golden Hemp (SMGH). The operations at SMGH have been the source of the company’s Aureus-branded commercial exports to 16 countries and include the cultivation, extraction and production of cannabinoid raw materials including active pharmaceutical ingredients and seeds. SMGH is also the source of the company’s cannabinoids for most of its cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations.

“We are happy to announce this strategic transaction which allows us to increase efficiencies throughout our supply chain infrastructure and re-focus resources on our core business units including our pharmaceutical preparations. In parallel we continue to make progress in our supply chain business at SMGH through which we have the capacity to continue to supply Avicanna and its global partners with high quality inputs," said Lucas Nosiglia, President of Avicanna LATAM.

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