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Ooze Debuts Cannabis Vape Pen with a Bluetooth Speaker

It's part vaporizer, part DJ station.

Ooze 2

Vaping cannabis, especially when outside of the home or in public, typically tends to be a discreet operation. But a new vape pen battery from Ooze is saying no to all of that.

Ooze today introduced Movez, its new 510 thread vape pen that includes a Bluetooth speaker and LED rainbow lights. It's part vaporizer, part DJ station. The device, which retails for $49.99, also includes auto draw, a magnetic connection and a circular design.

“The launch of our new generation of devices is the biggest thing to happen to the Ooze brand this year and sets the stage for the major announcements we have coming in 2023,” said Ooze Marketing Director Tristan Blackett. “It shows our industry that Ooze is a major contender. Not only are we introducing new technology, form factors, and finishes for these devices, but we deliver customer peace of mind with the Ooze Warranty Program.”

Ooze also announced new updates to its Slim Twist Pen. The 2.0 version comes in 18 different colors and includes new features like pulse wave technology, auto draw, and an automatic shut-off for improved battery life.

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