Columbia Care is Changing its Name

It's taking the name of its national retail brand.

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Columbia Care announced today its change in legal name to The Cannabist Company Holdings Inc. and will rebrand to The Cannabist Company.

It said the rebranding reflects its continued dedication to building a cannabis company for the future, which fosters innovation, creativity, and passion across its teams, adult-use and medical customers, partners, and the industry. In addition to the rebrand, the company's common shares and warrants will trade under the symbols “CBST” and "CBST.WT", respectively, on Cboe Canada effective Thursday, September 21, 2023.

“The rebrand to The Cannabist Company marks an incredibly pivotal moment for us as an organization and speaks to where we are heading. When we launched Cannabist, we wanted to create a brand that could evolve with the rapidly growing industry and serve as the hub for all customers, regardless of what brought them in our doors. As we’ve opened Cannabists across the country, it became clear to us that the ethos behind that retail brand represented our company as a whole — a passion for cannabis that we all share and fuels our work every day. The introduction of our Cannabist retail experience has paved the way for a new level of innovation and customer engagement, and we felt it was the right time for us to step into a new future together as Cannabists. We are excited to continue sharing our love for the plant and defining what that means for our customers, partners, and communities,” said Jesse Channon, Chief Commercial Officer, The Cannabist Company.

Cannabist was launched in 2021 as the company’s national retail brand, which now accounts for 36 locations across the country. The retail experience was developed to educate, inspire, and serve the rapidly growing cannabis market, delivering high quality products, technology-led solutions, and a welcoming customer experience. The company will continue the process of converting its retail portfolio to the Cannabist brand across the country in 2024.

“This marks an important milestone in the Company's evolution, signaling a fresh chapter and solidifying our commitment to providing an eco-system of collaborative technologies, products, and services. We want to connect consumers to the best cannabis, customers to the best experiences, partners to the best opportunities, and communities to the best in each other. Since our founding, we have been focused on providing high quality products, as well as extraordinary service, to our customers and patients, and this commitment to our community will always be at our core. The Cannabist Company represents an opportunity to reintroduce ourselves in a way that combines our trusted heritage, passion for what we do, and the vision for where we are heading as a company and as an industry,” said Nicholas Vita, CEO, The Cannabist Company.

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