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New Jersey Cannabis Dispensary Employees Vote to Unionize

Employees worked with Local 360 organizer Jake Pinelli and Puffin’s owners.

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With the support of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 360, every worker at New Brunswick dispensary, Puffin Store NJ voted in favor of unionizing. 

“We’re all invested in the future success of this great, young company, and of this industry,” said Kirsten Bennett, who led the organizing effort at Puffin. “Unionizing with Local 360 means that we have a greater say in what that future looks like, not just for us but for our customers and community as well.”

“The workers at Puffin understand their value and importance, which is exactly why they chose to unite with thousands of other cannabis industry employees across the state,” said Hugh Giordano, UFCW Local 360’s director of organizing. “Joining with Local 360 means more than a stronger influence at their place of work, it strengthens the entire industry and empowers workers at other companies.”

Bennett and others also worked with Local 360 organizer Jake Pinelli and Puffin’s owners to make the organizing effort as smooth and collaborative as possible.

“The workers at Puffin are passionate about their jobs, about their customers, and about the broader cannabis business community,” said Pinelli. “They see and embrace the unique ability of unions to positively impact businesses, families and neighborhoods. That vision was a key driver in their unanimous vote.”

“Don’t wait to organize,” added Bennett. “Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Labor Peace Agreements mean you have every right to organize free of worry or interference, which means you’re free to help yourself, your colleagues, and your community.”

From seed to sale, UFCW is a leader in organizing cannabis industry employees and is the official AFL-CIO designated cannabis labor union. Representing tens of thousands of cannabis workers in dispensaries, labs, delivery, manufacturing, processing, grow facilities and more, UFCW works with employees and business owners to achieve the shared goal of a regulated cannabis industry that delivers family-sustaining jobs and is focused on social equity.

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