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Stevie Van Zandt's Cannabis Brand Debuts in Michigan

But the initial release will be limited.

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Primitiv Group

Stevie Van Zandt, the Sopranos actor and a founding member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, is bringing his cannabis brand, Silvio's Stash, to the Michigan market as part of a collaboration with Primitiv, a cannabis company founded by Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims. The brand is a nod to Silvio Dante, the character Van Zandt played in all seven seasons of the Sopranos.

Silvio's Stash, curated by Little Steven's Underground Bazaar, will debut with a collection of five .5 gram pre-rolled joints, packaged in a collectable tin.

"We try to make products that are useful and that can help people," Van Zandt said. "Cannabis helps people. It helps people with pain, it helps with stress, it helps them sleep. It’s ridiculous that marijuana continues to be illegal in some states. We need to help spread cannabis education, destigmatization, and stop unjust criminalization for a plant that not only does a lot of good, but has proven to be essential to people’s well-being and quality of life."

Silvio's Stash initial Michigan release comes in a collectible tin limited to only 5,000 units. The debut in the state is the result of a partnership with Primitiv, the company founded by the former Detroit Lions teammates.

"Primitiv's dedication to crafting premium products aligns seamlessly with Silvio's Stash's mission to deliver exceptional cannabis experiences to consumers all while educating more people about the power of the plant,” said Johnson.

The product will be available at Primitiv Niles and other dispensaries throughout Michigan including Puff, Quest, House of Dank, Greenhouse and Pure Options.

"Thanks to our time playing in the NFL, Calvin and I have been afforded a stage to help tell our story about removing stigma from the cannabis plant, and being able to collaborate with someone as incredibly influential and talented as Stevie provides us with an even larger stage to speak from,” Sims added.

Primitiv made news last week with the launch of Turf, a sibling brand inspired by the iconic Nintendo game, Tecmo Bowl.

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