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New York Hands Out Another 105 Cannabis Licenses, Approves Home Growing

The state's adult-use market is starting to show signs of accelerated growth.

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Governor Hochul announced that the New York State Cannabis Control Board (CCB) authorized the issuance of 105 varied adult-use cannabis licenses spanning the supply chain, encompassing microbusinesses, cultivators, processors, distributors, and retail dispensaries.

The breakdown of the 105 license types approved today includes:

  • Adult-Use Cultivator License: 25
  • Adult-Use Distributor License: 22
  • Adult-Use Microbusiness License: 22
  • Adult-Use Processor License: 19
  • Adult-Use Retail Dispensary License: 17
  • 45 out of the 105 are transitioning AUCC or AUCPs

In addition to issuing licenses, the Control Board approved a resolution to adopt regulations for the personal home cultivation of cannabis, enabling adults aged 21 and older in New York State to cultivate cannabis at home.

Home Cultivation Allowance:

  • Adults can grow up to six plants individually.
  • Maximum of 12 plants per household.
  • Registered medical cannabis patients can have a designated caregiver grow on their behalf, provided no one can exceed the maximum of 12 plants per household.

Expansion of Cultivation Rights:

  • Personal cultivation of adult-use cannabis permitted within private residences.
  • Licensed entities like dispensaries and microbusinesses can sell seeds and immature cannabis plants to consumers.

The CCB also issued denials to 100 applications at the board meeting. These applications either did not meet the eligibility for licensure or had already been issued an adult-use cannabis license from another application.

Hochul said her state's adult-use recreational cannabis market is starting to show signs of accelerated growth. The Office of Cannabis Management said in May, sales grew by $4.4 million, reaching a total of $46.2 million. Projections show that 2024 cannabis sales will exceed $200 million by early June.

The total number of adult-use licenses issued in 2024 has climbed to 503, with a 55 percent awarded to social equity applicants. This reflects the program's commitment to fostering diversity and supporting underrepresented groups. The breakdown includes 39 percent minority-owned business, 39 percent women-owned business, 9 percent service-disabled veteran-owned businesses, 8 percent distressed farmer, and 6 percent CDI, highlighting the diverse and inclusive nature of New York's evolving cannabis landscape. This dynamic progress demonstrates our unwavering dedication to creating a fair, equitable, and thriving cannabis industry for all New Yorkers.

To date there are over 132 dispensaries open for business across the Empire State.

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