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Washington State Takes Aim at Synthetic THC

But lawmakers face a tight deadline.

Lawmakers in one of the first states to allow recreational cannabis are attempting to crack down on its synthetic cousins.

A bill proposed in Washington state would restrict the sale of hemp-derived CBD that is chemically converted into synthetic THC, the AP reports.

State regulators banned those chemicals, often labeled as delta-8 or delta-9, from Washington’s cannabis marketplace last year.

Critics, however, say those substances remain for sale at numerous retail outlets with no oversight or regulation.

The bill’s author called synthetic cannabinoids “a public health danger and a threat.”

Another recent bill would ban synthetic cannabinoids outside Washington’s marketplace, but explore ways to approve them in the future.

Lawmakers face a tall order to address the issue with less than two weeks remaining in the state’s legislative session.

Seventeen other states have reportedly banned synthetic cannabinoids in the past year.

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