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Judge Bans Prosecutions Over Cannabis Extracts

A county prosecutor had declared the products to be illegal.

A Georgia judge has prohibited a local district attorney from prosecuting people for possessing or selling certain cannabis extracts.

Fulton County Judge Craig Schwall issued the 30-day restraining order on Gwinnett County DA Patsy Austin-Gaston, according to reports.

Like many states, Georgia law restricts the THC found in cannabis — known as delta-9 — but does not address similar compounds.

Austin-Gaston earlier this year declared that delta-8 and delta-10 THC were illegal and that selling or distributing them was a felony.

At least two distributors in the suburban Atlanta county were raided in subsequent weeks.

A group of local vape shops filed a lawsuit arguing that the extracts were, in fact, legal under Georgia law.

Schwall said that he had concerns about prosecutors’ priorities and that “this may or may not be a rogue DA.”

The decision could set a statewide precedent, the AP reports.

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