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New On-Site Cannabis Consumption Rules Hit Las Vegas

And they could end up hurting casinos.

Recreational cannabis has been legal in Nevada since 2017.

But up until recently, there have been little to no places where consumers can legally smoke cannabis.

That changed last year when the state passed a new law allowing recreational cannabis business owners the chance to build on-site consumption lounges.

Planet 13 has already planned to build a consumption lounge with a pool and a massive outdoor balcony alongside its huge dispensary about one mile off the Las Vegas Strip.

Other dispensaries are also putting together grand plans to elaborate consumption lounges.

However, as The Street points out, the on-site consumption rules could end up hurting casinos.

Under federal law, gaming establishments like the major casino hotels that dot the Las Vegas Strip cannot allow cannabis use on their properties.

For businesses that rely on providing every amenity to keep people on site and spending money, not being able to get in on legal consumption lounges could pose a problem.

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