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Michigan to Crack Down on Illicit Cannabis in Legal Market

“Anybody cutting corners or cheating, we want to expose that."

Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency plans to crack down on illegally grown cannabis entering the state’s legal markets.

The state has recently seen cannabis prices plummet as supplies outweigh demand.

According to Crain’s, Brian Hanna, who was recently picked to run the state’s CRA, didn’t offer details for the agency’s plans.

But he promised the state would go after anyone skirting cannabis regulations.

“Anybody cutting corners or cheating, we want to expose that,” Hanna said. “But we don’t know at what point it’s coming into the supply chain.”

Between July 2021 and July 2022, Michigan’s average retail price for an ounce of flower fell 48% in the medical market and 44% in the adult-use market.

During the same time period, the amount of cannabis plants being grown for both markets has increased.

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