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Nevada Braces for Influx of Cannabis Consumption Lounges

The Cannabis Compliance Board received 100 applications.

Nevada could see a big influx of cannabis consumption lounges beginning next year.

The state could license as many as 40 cannabis consumption lounges in the near future, according to new figures from the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board.

The CCB received 100 applications: 20 for lounges attached to retail cannabis businesses along with 50 independent and 30 social equity applicants.

The Board said there is no competitive selection process for issuing retail licenses.

However, the CCB will only issue 20 independent cannabis consumption lounge licenses, half of which are reserved for social equity applicants.

That means 40 independent applicants and 20 social equity applicants will miss out on getting a license.

The CCB anticipates the first lounges to be licensed and able to open in early 2023.

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