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Cannabeta: How to Find Compliant Cannabis Real Estate in the Crowded East Coast

From crony capitalism and shady operators to old buildings with bad power, it's tough out there.

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This week, Matte Namer, CEO, and Daniel Kahn, VP of Real Estate, from Cannabeta join the Cannabis Equipment News podcast to discuss difficulties with crony capitalism and shady operators as they help cannabis companies find compliant real estate on the East Coast. 

Matte Namer has been a drug policy reform advocate for more than 20 years, but professionally they pursued a successful career in real estate, overseeing some $500 million in construction projects in Manhattan. As recreational cannabis became legalized on the East Coast, they had a perfect opportunity to combine two life long intersts with Cannabeta, the first cannabis-specific real estate brokerage firm on the East Coast, serving New York, New Jersey, Massachusettes, Connecticut and Maryland.

On this episode, Namer and Kahn discuss:

  • How cannabis companies should evaluate buildings, specifically power needs.
  • How to retrofit facilities with renewable energy to meet power demand.
  • How to deal with shady operators.
  • The success of social equity licensing, and the failures.
  • The impact of the illicit market in New York.
  • The controversy surrounding New York's cannabis real estate fund.
  • Overcoming problems in New Jersey's overcrowded market.
  • How regulations change state-to-state on the East Coast. 

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