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Josh Wurzer: Without Trust, Labs Are Just Numbers on a Piece of Paper

Inside efforts to legitimize cannabis lab testing and flush out the small number of labs cooking the books.

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About 15 years ago, Josh Wurzer worked in the electronic materials research and development department at Samsung in California. He was doing some interesting science but working with some "really gnarly" chemicals and was ready for something new. He found a job post for a lab director position, and at the bottom of the post, he found a small, exciting caveat. The company was looking for someone who must be comfortable working with medical marijuana. Wurzer had a small grow at home and was an admitted cannabis enthusiast.

He took the position at Steep Hill Labs, the first U.S. lab that would test medical marijuana for the fledgling industry. At the time, he thought the job could be career suicide or at least a gap on his resume, but he decided to take the job — it's not often a chemist finds a position where he feels like he is breaking new ground. According to Wurzer, Steep Hill was run by well-intentioned cannabis industry professionals, but he thought there was a lot of room for improvement. 

In 2010, Wurzer left the lab to co-found SC Labs with three partners, and the company is now arguably one of the largest cannabis labs in the United States. 

In this episode, Wurzer discusses: 

  • How cannabis lab testing has changed drastically in the last 15 years.
  • His groundbreaking work developing cannabis tests.
  • How to end problems with lab shopping and inflated THC results.
  • The many battles still to be fought in the cannabis industry.

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