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New York City Leads the World in Consuming Cannabis

The Big Apple leads by several metric tons.

New York City is leading the way in cannabis consumption, according to new data released by CFAH.

The research organization put out its 2023 Cannabis Global Price Index and said NYC takes the top spot by consuming 62.3 metric tons of cannabis per year.That’s approximately 137,000 pounds of weed.

The report pointed to other major cities as leaders in cannabis categories.

Tokyo has the most expensive cannabis at $33.8 per gram and Montreal has the cheapest at $5.9 per gram.

Oregon has the least expensive cannabis in the U.S. at $7 per gram.

But cannabis could be fairly inexpensive all over the U.S. if CFAH’s projections come true. The firm estimates the average cost per gram could drop to $5.61 by 2030.

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