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Security Breach: Inside the Summer's Biggest Industrial Hacks

Takeaways from two unique, yet similarly damaging attacks that targeted manufacturers.

This episode takes a slightly different approach. Instead of a single leading voice discussing trends and strategies focused on addressing and responding to OT cyberattacks, we’re going to dive into a couple of recent hacks that impacted the manufacturing sector. 

We’re going to start off with Matt Radolec. He’s an incident response team lead at Varonis and host of the State of Cybercrime podcast. Matt is going to share some insights on the recent attack of watch manufacturer Seiko. 

Then we’re going to check in with Mike DeNapoli, the cybersecurity architect and director at Cymulate – a leading provider of attack surface management and cyber risk mitigation solutions. He’ll be offering an inside look at the recent hack of the file transfer tool MOVEit.

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To download our latest report on industrial cybersecurity,  The Industrial Sector’s New Battlefield, click here.

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