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NY Cannabis Regulators Remove Criticisms from Public Video

They said the cuts were made to avoid “amplifying the threats of self harm/violence.”

New York’s recreational cannabis market has been slow to develop and many have placed the blame on state regulators.

Several interested parties recently attended a public meeting to voice their concerns with New York’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM).

But according to The City, those comments were edited out of the public video shared on Monday.

When pushed for answers, a spokesperson for the OCM said the comments were cut to avoid “amplifying the threats of self harm/violence.”

According to the report, some of the cannabis cultivators who commented suggested farmers were considering self harm due to the struggling market

The OCM said that it will post the entire video with only those comments edited out.

Legal dispensaries have been slow to appear in New York and it has left many cannabis farmers in the state with few options for selling their crops.

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