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Canadian Cannabis Cultivator Closes Down, Lays Off 87

It’s unclear the specifics around OGEN’s closure.

OGEN, a Canadian cannabis cultivator based in Calgary, Alberta, has closed down.

Darren Brisebois, president at OGEN, announced the closure on social media and said “87 people lost the place they came to work at every day.”

“Cannabis is a very difficult business. You need grit. You need a ‘can do’ attitude. You need to put your blood and sweat into each day and leave it all on the ‘office floor,’” he wrote.

It’s unclear the specifics around OGEN’s closure but the news is indicative of the economic struggles Canada’s cannabis industry has been experiencing.

OGEN touted its small grow rooms that allowed it to tailor environments and processes to be strain specific.

The company said its employees would hang dry, hand trim, and hand package every bud that it grew.

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