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A.C. Moon: Cannabis Isn't Kumbaya Anymore, It's Commerce

Why it is imperative for cannabis operators to learn about cannabis licensing and IP management.

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This week, A.C. Moon, founder of Indica Innovations International, joins the Cannabis Equipment News podcast to discuss why it is imperative for cannabis operators to learn about cannabis licensing and IP management.

A.C. Moon has more than 25 years of experience working in the cannabis industry. She started as an advocate. With a brother who was a Vietnam veteran and a mother diagnosed with cancer, Moon fought for patient access to plant medicine. 

A second generation farmer who cut her teeth as a young trimmer, she earned a degree in horticulture and has since worked in the illicit, medical and recreational markets. Despite career pivots and resets, she has persevered over the years because of her passion for the plant as well as her interest in innovation. Moon is the inventor of the Croptops greenhouse, individual, pop-up structures that have been particularly beneficial when it comes to protecting outdoor plants during storms.

Moon recently became interested in IP management and licensing because she says they are imperative for cannabis operators to survive. Cannabis isn’t just kumbaya anymore, Moon says, it’s commerce and operators need a bit more business savvy to survive. 

Moon is also a consultant, writer and teacher who remains committed not only to the perseverance of the cannabis industry, but the soul of the plant. 

Jump around:

  • The current state of cannabis. (6:59)
  • Problems in the Emerald Triangle. (9:37)
  • Genetic IP opportunities. (17:54)
  • Why she founded Indica Innovations International. (19:21)
  • Why America is the hotbed for cannabis innovation. (22:46)
  • Inventing the most portable greenhouse possible. (29:09)
  • How rescheduling will impact the cannabis industry. (33:40)
  • The importance of a strong craft cannabis industry. (41:12)

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