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Police Bust Illegal Cannabis Grow, Donate Gardening Equipment

The move has benefitted schools and a local pigeon flying club.

A local community is benefitting after the recent bust of an illegal cannabis farm in England.

According to the BBC, police in Cheshire recently raided an old printing facility and found a grow with about 2,000 plants, worth about $1.9 million.

Authorities have yet to make any arrests but they have redistributed some materials and equipment found to worthy causes.

That includes sending compost, garden stakes, flower pots and fertilizer to schools along with electric fans.

As the report points out, some of the lighting was donated to a local pigeon flying club.

“This is a great example of our officers…recovering a huge amount of cannabis while re-purposing the items used to grow the plants into something which benefits the community,” a police department official told the publication.

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