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California Urges Cultivators to Seek Disaster Relief

More than 95% of the state is experiencing "severe" or "exceptional" drought.

Department of Cannabis Control

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) in California today encouraged cannabis license holders impacted by the state's drought to request disaster relief. The DCC specifically appealed to cultivators trying to conserve water.

State and local agencies are already working to promote water conservation, including programs in certain jurisdictions in which cultivators may fallow crops to conserve water.

DCC asks licensees to request disaster relief from specific requirements, especially if it would make it economically feasible to participate in programs that support the state's water conservation efforts.

Disaster relief is a temporary waiver of a regulatory rule.

Licensees must identify the specific regulations from which they are requesting relief and explain why relief is needed in light of the disaster.

Licensees will also be asked:

  • What declared disaster is affecting the business?
  • What regulations are you requesting relief from?
  • How long do you need relief?

By the end of April 2022, more than 95% of California was experiencing "severe" or "exceptional" drought.

DCC may require licensees to obey certain conditions to receive temporary disaster relief and has no authority to offer relief from requirements administered by other agencies or imposed by statute, like the cannabis cultivation tax and cannabis excise tax.

Requests for disaster relief will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Disaster relief was previously used to allow curbside pickup at retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic and the evacuation of cannabis and cannabis products during major wildfires.

Licensees seeking disaster relief are encouraged to submit a Request for Disaster Relief (Form DCC-8101) to [email protected]

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