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Forbes recently reported that global spending on legal cannabis is expected to hit $57 billion by 2027, the vast majority of which will take place in North America.

An industry anticipating such rapid scale must rely on the expertise of the professionals who can facilitate this expansion, including the growers, processors, manufacturers and distributors who are tasked with bringing these products to an eager customer base.

Cannabis Equipment News (CEN) has launched in an effort to bring more insights to these industry professionals, whose focus is just as much on the end product as it is on the high quality production methods required to bring it to market. As policy changes reduce barriers to entry, many existing cultivators, distributors, packagers and processors are identifying opportunities in cannabis but may be learning as they go.

By providing fresh, daily digital content, CEN serves as the leading technical resource to help these producers identify the right solutions they need to succeed in this new market.

Not only does CEN focus on providing the latest news to the stakeholders in this regulatory-dense industry, but our digital content will also feature a vast array of new products and technical information for those businesses responsible for cultivating, extracting, processing, packaging and distributing legal cannabis-related products.