Cleveland School of Cannabis to Offer Home Growing Class

Students will benefit from a turnkey kit and a seasoned cannabis professional.

The Cleveland School Of Cannabis In Partnership With The Cannabis Hub
Cleveland School of Cannabis

The Cleveland School of Cannabis (CSC) in partnership with the Cannabis Hub is launching the My First Plant program.

MFP is a 16-week intensive course where industry cultivators guide individuals through the process of growing cannabis from the comfort of their homes.

With almost 20 states allowing for some element of Home Grow for patients to produce their own medicine, CSC and Cannabis Hub have partnered to provide live virtual education for the enthusiasts and novice growers alike. Students will benefit from a turnkey kit and a seasoned cannabis professional for 16 weeks to maximize their success.

"The purpose is to help participants become self-sufficient and educated about the process of taking charge of their health and what they put into their body," said Tyrone Russell, President of the Cleveland School of Cannabis. From controlling the environments and avoiding harmful pesticides, participants determine the natural ingredients they'll choose to keep their plants healthy.  The Cannabis Education companies have joined forces with Advanced Nutrients, BudGrowers Tent, and Kanna Genetics to offer tents, seeds, and nutrients for the program. 

"My First Plant gives you the knowledge that empowers you to use the entire plant, from juicing the leaves and creating concentrates with the trim, to discovering new ways to cook lifesaving meals fortified with healthier cannabis," said Kevin Greene, co-founder of the MFP program. 

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