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Silent Seeds and Sherbinskis Announced Cannabis Seed Collaboration

They will produce five unique varieties for the U.S.

Silent Seeds

Seed bank Silent Seeds and breeder Mario Guzman, founder of Sherbinskis, announced a partnership to produce five unique U.S. cannabis varieties.

Following an initial collaboration with the rapper Booba and the creation of his own seed strain (B-45), the Silent Seeds teams are embarking on a new strategic partnership with Guzman. Creator of the brand Sherbinskis, he is known for developing cannabis strains including Gelato and the Gelato lineage of Bacio, Acaiberry, Mochi and Gello, and the Sunset Sherbert.

The collaboration between Silent Seeds and Sherbinskis will offer three that are feminized (Polar Gelato, Pink Sunset, and Acai Jelly) and two that are autoflowering (Polar Gelato Auto and Pink Sunset Auto). They are available at

"We are very excited about our partnership with Mario Guzman, confirming the return of Silent Seeds as a leader in the field. This is due to the work by all the teams, boasting experience of more than 20 years, and our strategic action plan since we took over Dinafem's historic genetics bank," said Alexandre-Henri Lacarré, CEO of Silent Seeds.

The collaboration also signals the global expansion plans for Silent Seeds, with the launch of a growth project to be completed by the end of 2023.

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