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Bionova Expands Cannabis Nutrient Product Lineup in U.S.

The products can be assimilated into previously established non-Bionova feeding programs.


Bionova Nutrients, in partnership with Global Garden, announces the expanded availability of their cannabis nutrients in the United States.

Bionova Nutrients is a staple nutrient brand in many cultivations across Europe and South America. Together with Global Garden, Bionova has set its sights on the U.S. cannabis market.

In addition to base nutrients catered to hydro, coco and soil substrate farmers, Bionova offers a product line of isolated mineral additives, root and bloom stimulators, and enhancers made from natural ingredients.

  • SiLution Mono-Silicic Acid – stabilized with fulvic acid, 100% plant-available, cost-effective, and improved performance over competing silica products.
  • PK 13-14 Bloom Stimulator - the first PK 13-14 in the industry. Other similar products copied Bionova's innovation. Bionova PK 13-14 remains one of the only TRUE 13-14 ratio PK products on the market. Others have decreased their ratios favoring profit over performance.
  • Roots – Root Growth Stimulator – Roots boosts root growth and increases root surface area maximizing nutrient uptake.

While each product is designed to complement other Bionova inputs, one of the strengths of this line is its easy assimilation into previously established non-Bionova feeding programs. Bionova's isolated minerals, stimulators, and enhancers can be added to your existing feed schedule without the need to change your entire regimen.

In addition to developing quality inputs, Bionova also focuses on minimizing their carbon footprintBionova production is powered by wind energy, its buildings are heated with bio-gas, its waste products are separated, recycled and removed via certified CO2-neutral methods, and all Bionova product packaging is 100% recyclable.

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