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Pure Source Deploys California Lightworks' MegaDrive

The MegaDrive system enabled Pure Source to significantly reduce energy consumption.

California Lightworks

California LightWorks, a provider of horticultural lighting solutions, announced another successful deployment of its MegaDrive lighting technology at Pure Source, an indoor cannabis cultivation facility located outside Detroit, Michigan.

The MegaDrive system enabled Pure Source to significantly reduce energy consumption, making it the ideal solution for indoor cultivation facilities to get an edge in an increasingly competitive cannabis market.

"If I had done the same canopy with HPS, my electricity bill would have hit $20,000," said Rafi Elsha, owner of Pure Source. "Last month, our electricity bill was $4,800. It's crazy!" 

Many utility companies nationwide are also offering generous rebates to incentivize the transition to high-efficiency LEDs. "We wanted to use the most advanced lights on the market," continued Rafi. "The investment was not cheap, but we got almost 60% back from the electricity company DTE, which helped."

The MegaDrive LED grow light system combines best-in-class top-bin Osram LED diodes with a patented high-efficiency centralized power supply to deliver an unparalleled reduction in operating expenses. The synergistic effects of high-efficiency LEDs and the absence of power electronics in the grow room reduce heat which in turn significantly cuts down HVAC and climate control costs.

"It's fascinating to see our lights in action at successful grow operations around the country," said George Mekhtarian, CEO of California LightWorks. "Market forces are pressuring cannabis growers to look for every technological edge to survive and thrive.  We're seeing unprecedented demand for our MegaDrive systems because they check all the right boxes for the grower."

MegaDrive's unique spectrum control technology enables growers to adjust the light spectrum for different phases of growth, resulting in healthier plants and higher yields.

"I can adjust the light spectrum to only use blue and white until day 21 to prevent stretching," explained John Nagely, the head grower at Pure Source. "Then, once the stretch cycle rubs off between day 21 and day 28, I introduce the red spectrum to accelerate growth for the rest of the run."

The other key benefit of MegaDrive is reliability. The number one cause of premature LED driver failure is heat. Unlike most LED fixtures that position all their power electronics on top of their fixtures where temperatures are highest, the patented MegaDrive system moves all the power electronics from above the canopy to a remote location, where they remain cool, dramatically extending service life while slashing installation cost by up to 80%.

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