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Nevada Suspends Cultivator for Using Untested Cannabis

Investigators said they also found 2 large bags of usable cannabis in the dumpster.

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The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) summarily suspended the medical and adult-use cultivation and production licenses held by The Hempire Company, citing a present threat to public health and safety.

While investigating suspicious Metrc activity and insufficient camera coverage, board agents discovered cannabis extract outputs which exceeded the amount of cannabis utilized. CCB agents determined failed or untested cannabis may have been combined with passing lots and sent to extraction. CCB agents also discovered approximately 180 packages missing from cultivation, 10 packages missing from production, and 2 large bags of usable cannabis in the dumpster. There were no working cameras in the greenhouses, conex boxes, or other areas where cannabis was being grown and dried. Cannabis was observed drying outside and in a conex box with no environmental controls. Board Agents cited other significant deficiencies at the facility.

The Hempire Company, LLC is required to submit a plan of correction to the CCB for approval in order to lift the order and shall not resume operations until the CCB has confirmed the deficiencies identified in the order have been corrected.

This is the second summary suspension issued by the CCB in 2023.

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