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Drip Hydro Unveils Powder Nutrient Line for Cannabis Cultivation

The formulation negates the necessity of adding extra calcium-magnesium (Cal-mag) supplements.

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Drip Hydro

GrowGeneration, the largest chain of specialty hydroponic and organic garden centers in the United States, today announced that Drip Hydro is launching a new powder nutrient line for cultivation. Drip Hydro has specially formulated a powder nutrient line, designed for cannabis cultivation. This product line is one of the most balanced, clean, and cost-effective nutrient solutions available today.

Crafted after extensive research and feedback from expert growers, Drip Hydro’s powder nutrient line is engineered to address the specific needs of cannabis plants. It stands out for its unique formulation that negates the necessity of adding extra calcium-magnesium (Cal-mag) supplements, simplifying the cultivation process while ensuring optimal plant health and crop quality.

"Our team at Drip Hydro is dedicated to providing the cannabis cultivation community with the best possible nutrients," said Darren Lampert, CEO & Co-Founder of GrowGeneration.

"We understand the intricacies of growing high-quality cannabis, and our new nutrient line reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in this field," said Rex Gill, VP of Brand & Product Development and Co-Founder of Drip Hydro.

Key highlights of the Drip Hydro powder nutrient line include:

  • Balanced Formulation: Perfectly balanced nutrients eliminate the need for additional Cal-mag supplements.
  • Separation of Micronutrients and Nitrogen: Unique separation allows growers to remove nitrogen late in the flowering stage, leading to higher yields and improved crop quality.
  • Clean and Pure Ingredients: Ensures a safe, contaminant-free growth environment for cannabis.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Delivers exceptional value without compromising on quality or results.
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