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Green Nexus Debuts 'Cube Cloud,' a Cannabis Seed Information Database

The platform offers an in-depth exploration of each strain's characteristics.

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Green Nexus today announced the launch of 'Cube Cloud', a section of the designed to redefine how growers and enthusiasts access cannabis seed information. This platform integrates a Cannabis Seed Information database with an AI interface.

The 'Cube Cloud' is a library with data on every strain and breeder featured by Green Nexus, including industry giants like Barney's Farm, 420 Fast Buds, and Royal Queen Seeds. This platform goes beyond mere listings, offering an in-depth exploration of each strain's characteristics, from growing tips, THC content, to terpene and flavor profiles. The 'Cube Cloud' is set to expand by incorporating information on hundreds more strains from the world's best and most reputable breeders.

This launch could impact the way breeders, growers, and cannabis enthusiasts engage with strain information. By combining a database with an AI interface, the 'Cube Cloud' ensures that users have access to accurate, user-friendly, and up-to-date information tailored to their needs.

"The Cube Cloud represents a monumental step in our mission to empower the cannabis community with knowledge and resources," said Tor Hamer, Green Nexus managing director, professional boxer, and New York City cannabis retail dispensary owner. "By blending cutting-edge technology with our deep passion for cannabis cultivation, we are thrilled to offer a platform that not only simplifies access to vital growing information but also connects users with the rich tapestry of strains and their unique characteristics. This is more than just a database; it's a gateway to mastering cannabis cultivation."

The launch of the 'Cube Cloud' is a testament to Green Nexus's dedication to innovation, education, and community support within the cannabis industry. By providing a powerful tool that enhances understanding and appreciation of cannabis genetics and cultivation methods, Green Nexus is setting new standards for what growers and enthusiasts can expect from digital resources.

The 'Cube Cloud' is now accessible to users worldwide, promising to elevate the cannabis cultivation experience to new heights. For more information and to explore this groundbreaking resource, visit

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