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AgLAB, SC Labs to Push Mass Spectrometer for Cannabis, Hemp Markets

This comes with the companies entering into a master lease agreement.

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AgLAB, a subsidiary of Astrotech Corporation, and SC Labs announced today that the companies will be jointly marketing the AgLAB 1000-D2TM mass spectrometer and the AgLAB Maximum Value Process testing method to SC Labs customers. This comes with the companies entering into a master lease agreement.

AgLAB has developed applications using the Astrotech Mass Spectrometer Technology that are tailored to the hemp and cannabis markets. The AgLAB MVP method is designed to improve yields and bottom-line profits for hemp (CBD) and cannabis (THC) producers of distilled oils used in various products. Large scale oil producers typically use high vacuum molecular distillation systems (MDS) to produce the oils that are used in lotions, pills, tinctures, and cartridges. Using the AgLAB MVP solution, manufacturers can analyze the oils during processing and make near real-time adjustments to temperatures and pressures that boost the ending-weight yields, potencies, and profits.

SC Labs is one of the largest multi-state cannabis and hemp testing labs in the United States. The company works with their customers to maximize value and mitigate losses. SC Labs invests in the technologies that ensure the safety and quality of hemp and cannabis products. This commitment made for a natural partnership between the companies to market the AgLAB MVP to the SC Labs customers.

“We are thrilled to announce the agreement between AgLAB and SC Labs. Working together, SC Labs’ customers gain access to our AgLAB MVP solution for use directly in their production facilities. We anticipate the AgLAB MVP method will improve customers ending-weight yields by an average of 20%, and these gains should go directly to their bottom line,” said Astrotech CEO and CTO Thomas B. Pickens III.

"SC Labs is excited to announce the launch of this agreement with AgLAB, which extends our analytical services directly into our clients' production spaces. AgLAB's ability to provide real-time feedback for optimizing distillation efficiency will be a powerful tool, offering immediate returns through increased production efficiency. Our partnership with Astrotech enhances our service integration across the supply chain, helping us fulfill our mission of providing comprehensive solutions to our customers' challenges, beyond the standard analytical testing services offered by our competitors," said SC Labs CEO Jeff Gray.

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