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Raw Garden Launches 100% Solventless Live Rosin

The company uses only cold temperatures, agitation, and pressure during its extraction process.

Grapes And Cream Rosin Cutout
Raw Garden

Raw Garden, the #1 cannabis concentrates brand in California, is proud to announce the launch of its new line of 100% solventless live rosin dabs. This product line continues Raw Garden's commitment to providing the highest quality, contaminant-free cannabis products.

Key Features of Raw Garden's 100% Solventless Live Rosin:

  • Solvent Free Extraction: An extraction method dating back thousands of years to preserve the most sought after part of the Cannabis plant: the trichome heads. Using only cold temperatures, agitation, and pressure, we extract the best expression of our farm fresh Cannabis.

  • Farmer’s Select: Experience a diverse range of curated strains that have been hand-selected by our team of farmers. Each strain has been tailored to thrive in our local terroir and coastal microclimates.

  • As Nature Intended: Every batch of our Live Rosin offers the most true-to-the-plant experience you can get. Enjoy bold, cannabis flavors derived from sun-grown flower, just as Mother Nature intended.

  • Sustainability at Our Core: We are dedicated to sustainable farming practices, ensuring that our products not only deliver exceptional quality but also respect and preserve the environment. Raw Garden's products are a reflection of our commitment to a better Us.

Raw Garden's Live Rosin will be available starting July 2024 at select retail partners. For more information about Raw Garden products, please visit

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