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Terpene Manufacturer Expands U.S. Footprint

Eybna is opening new production and R&D facilities and entering strategic partnerships within the consumer packaged goods supply chain.

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Terpene manufacturer Eybna is expanding its U.S. footprint, opening new production and R&D facilities and entering strategic partnerships with companies in the consumer packaged goods supply chain.

The new state-of-the-art R&D Center in Denver, Colorado opened as a joint venture with Aseppak. Focused on developing new products in multiple categories, the facility will lean on Eybna's proprietary database of cannabis phytochemicals, which has been developed through years of research at the Eybna Innovation Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

"While many associate terpenes with vaping products, our work extends far beyond convention and effectively incorporates the many benefits of terpenes into an array of therapeutic products," said Eybna CEO and Co-founder Nadav Eyal, in a statement. "We've been conducting terpene research and development for seven years and our formulations power some of the largest cannabis brands in the U.S."

Eybna also opened a new office in Long Beach, Calif. and hired Matthew Mograbi as U.S. National Sales Manager. Mograbi, who previously co-founded the edibles company Fruit Slabs, brings a wealth of experience in business development, marketing and operations in the cannabis space, as well as in the food and beverage industry.

A look at Eybna's new strategic partnerships:

  • Vertosa: Vertosa creates active ingredients for infused product makers, including Pabst Labs and VitaCoco. The combination of Vertosa's expertise in emulsions and cannabinoid-infused product development, paired with Eybna's customized terpene formulation capabilities, pave the way for product innovation and expanding access to cannabis-based ingredients.
  • Endocanna: Endocanna is a biotech company that provides scientifically-based solutions for consumers to maximize cannabis experiences based on their unique needs and body chemistries. Eybna has already used its terpene product development and production capabilities to stabilize Endocanna's EndoAligned compositions, which identify the proper CBD to THC ratio, along with the dominant cannabinoid and terpene profiles that work with a specific person's DNA, enabling their consistent production and supply in scale to meet growing demands.
  • Loop Labs: Loop Labs has partnered with Eybna to develop an innovative delivery system for use with Eybna's proprietary NT-VRL terpene formulation, which is currently undergoing testing as a potential treatment and preventive solution of viral infections, including COVID-19. When converted to a micellized aerosol in Loop Lab's hardware, the formulation is expected to be even more effective.

The overarching goals of Eybna's R&D initiatives are to understand and unlock the full potential of cannabis phytochemicals, and make them accessible for broader populations worldwide.

They company's team of Ph.D. scientists currently has 11 research studies in progress, including studies suggesting Eybna's terpene formulation, NT-VRL, may play a role in the effective management of COVID-19 symptoms and has the potential to serve as an antiviral preventative to human coronaviruses as well.

The formulation demonstrated potential in-vitro efficacy for treating inflammatory conditions such as the deadly cytokine storm syndrome found in COVID-19 patients.

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