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Nevada Warns Consumers of Cannabis Contaminated with Fungus

The package initially passed testing but the lab later learned it may have produced a false result.

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The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) issued a Public Health and Safety Bulletin advising consumers and patients to avoid or take caution when consuming certain cannabis products from Phantom Farms after they tested positive for aspergillus fumigatus.

The CCB said the package initially passed testing. However, after initially approving the lot and allowing the transfer of the product into the consumer market, Certified Ag Lab learned that its testing reagents may have caused a false test result. Upon retesting, the lot was determined to be positive for aspergillus fumigatus; and Certified Ag Lab notified the CCB.

The CCB said there is no reason to believe the laboratory was aware the cannabis was actually positive for the presence of aspergillus fumigatus at the time they reported the negative results. There is also no reason to believe the cannabis sales facility had any knowledge of the presence of aspergillus fumigatus in the affected cannabis package.

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