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Tilray Acquires Truss Beverage from Molson Coors Canada

The company expects the regulatory landscape for beverage distribution to evolve and fuel substantial growth.


Tilray Brands on Friday announced the acquisition of the remaining 57.5% equity ownership of Truss Beverage Co. from Molson Coors Canada.

THC beverages present an opportunity to engage legal-aged consumers who haven’t explored cannabis as a lifestyle, medical or functional choice. In Canada, with more than 10.6 million potential consumers remaining untapped, cannabis beverages do almost $100 million at retail.

Regulatory shifts are expected to facilitate market entry for beverages, with the possibility of on-tap THC options in restaurants and bars promising substantial growth for this category.

Over time, the company expects the regulatory landscape for beverage distribution to evolve, with authorities re-evaluating consumer policies. The shift could fuel strong growth in the market for cannabinoid-based beverages, catering to diverse needs and occasions.

The deal bolsters Tilray’s cannabis beverage portfolio, which has a combined market share of approximately 36%, according to the company. The company's cannabis portfolio also includes XMG, Mollo, House of Terpenes and Little Victory.

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