What Happens Next for Missouri’s Recalled Cannabis Products

Recalls are common for consumer products and cannabis is no exception.

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Missouri issued a massive recall for cannabis products last week and now the affected manufacturer faces multiple possible outcomes.

The state’s Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) alerted consumers about a mandatory product recall that impacted more than 63,000 products from manufacturer Delta Extraction. Missouri officials said the recalled products were not compliantly tracked in the statewide track-and-trace system (METRC) in order for DCR to verify the products came from cannabis grown in Missouri or that the product passed required testing prior to being sold at dispensaries.

Luckily, no adverse reactions to the products were reported as of when the recall was issued last week. But now Delta is facing a big dilemma.

Lisa Cox, communications director for the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, declined to provide many details about the recall since the investigation is still ongoing.

“However, per rule, a recall may be resolved in several ways. The recalled product will be held until the Department determines the product is safe, may be remediated, or must be destroyed,” she said in an emailed response to Cannabis Equipment News.

Recalls are common for consumer products and cannabis is no exception. Many states with either (or both) legal medical or recreational cannabis have issued recalls for problems ranging from mold contamination to the presence of potential toxins or carcinogens. But Missouri’s recall was notable due to the scope.

In 2021, Michigan issued what may have been the biggest cannabis recall in history. The action directly impacted more than 65,000 pounds of cannabis flower with a value of more than $200 million.

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