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Seth Rogen's Cannabis Brand Partners with 106-Year-Old Rolling Paper Company

They'll produce a line of sustainable rolling papers and cones in bamboo, brown rice, and classic varieties.

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Houseplant, a cannabis lifestyle brand founded by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Michael Mohr, and OCB – a 106-year-old, family-owned French-made rolling paper company, announce today the upcoming launch of Houseplant by OCB. The long-term partnership and product collaboration, launching to consumers online on February 16 and rolling out in retail this spring, will provide cannabis consumers with a line of sustainable rolling papers and cones in bamboo, brown rice, and classic varieties.

OCB has a global reputation for being the premier paper of choice for generations and is led today by Don Levin, founder of Republic Brands. Houseplant is a category leader in its own right as the leading lifestyle company rooted in cannabis, setting the high standard for beautifully designed products for people's homes and daily lives that elevate the smoking experience.

Crafted from ethically sourced and responsibly harvested fibers, the new Houseplant by OCB product line features ultra-thin rolling papers and cones in three unique varieties, including:

  • Bamboo: The perfect sustainable alternative, bamboo fibers are strong, making a durable unbleached rolling paper with a slow, even burn and a clean nearly tasteless finish.
  • Brown Rice: Made with real rice ethically sourced from the protected wetlands of the Camargue delta in France, these are the only papers made with real rice fibers blended with organic hemp from Champagne and deliver a silky smooth smoking experience.
  • Classic: Crafted by French artisans and made with FSC-certified, sustainable wood fibers, these premium white rolling papers, like all OCB papers, are free of dye and chlorine to savor the smoke's natural flavor.

"Going to France and seeing the highest quality rolling papers get made from start to finish was literally a dream of mine," said Rogen. "We were blown away by the process and are so happy to have found a partner that cares as much as we do about giving weed smokers the elevated experience they have always deserved."

Notably, OCB is one of the only companies in the world that makes its paper from field to finish, beginning with sustainably harvested, regionally grown fibers like bamboo, real rice, organic hemp, flax, and FSC-certified wood. These fibers are processed into pulp and expertly turned into large rolls of ultra-thin paper, which are sent to OCB's booklet factory in Perpignan, France for finishing. All products use a proprietary blend of natural Acacia gums that are vegan, GMO-Free, and responsibly harvested.

Houseplant by OCB will be available for purchase online on beginning February 16th. It will be available in stores at retailers across the U.S. and Canada beginning in Spring 2024.

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