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DeltaBev Opens 'World's Largest' Cannabis Beverage Manufacturing Plant

Customers include Mary Jones and CANN.

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DeltaBev, a cannabis beverage manufacturing facility, commenced operations last month with the brand CANN as its first production partner. The company said its 45,000-square-foot facility, located in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, is the world's largest cannabis beverage manufacturing plant in terms of capacity. It boasts processing and packaging capabilities across canning, bottling and "mini" production lines.

DeltaBev prioritizes THC potency preservation at all stages with reverse osmosis water filtration, water de-aeration, advanced mixing technologies, inline emulsion injection, CO2 purging, and counter pressure filling. 

As part of the vertically integrated Blaze Life Holdings (BLH), the facility's production capabilities extend to seamless distribution with co-located SuLo Distro, a full-service cannabis distributor covering California.

BLH said Mary Jones Soda chose the company to co-manufacture and distribute its beverages. "We are excited about our next phase of growth in California and partnering with both DeltaBev and SuLo Distro. The Canoga Park facility accelerates our innovation into more beverage options as well as gummies and shots. The SuLo distribution capabilities will also ramp our go-to-market strategy as we expand our footprint into more California Dispensaries," said David Knight, CEO of Mary Jones.

In addition to Mary Jones, DeltaBev customers include CANN, Sip Elixirs, CQ, Nevis Brands, Tinley's, Bodega Coolers, and Cheeche'lada, a cannabis-infused Michelada released in partnership with cannabis legend Cheech Marin.

The company's strategic investment in the supply chain uniquely positions it for distribution to other states. Alongside continued momentum for further regulatory changes and the DEA's anticipated rescheduling of cannabis, interstate cannabis commerce is becoming more of an imminent reality.

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