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Tilt Holdings Debuts Stackable Cannabis Vape Cartridges

It allows consumers to make custom blends.

Jupiter Thredz Launch Pressimage 1x1
TILT Holdings

TILT Holdings, in tandem with its subsidiary Jupiter Research, today announced the mass market launch of a new patented, stackable 510 technology—THREDZ.

THREDZ is a stackable cartridge that prioritizes portability and personalization, allowing consumers to blend two oil cartridges. This new technology from Jupiter Research empowers consumers to select two favorite strains and thread them together, creating bespoke blends from an endless variety of cannabinoid and terpene combinations.

“THREDZ is the result of our continuous efforts to best serve brands and their consumers through access to innovative technology that offers new and unique experiences,” said TILT Chief Executive Officer, Tim Conder. “Today’s cannabis enthusiasts are looking for customizable consumption, and THREDZ allows them to combine different oils to create the perfect, personalized smoke session. Through Jupiter Research, TILT offers a diverse, inhalation-led product portfolio to consumers across the U.S. and abroad.”

THREDZ cartridges integrate seamlessly with existing 510 batteries, one of the most widely used technologies for cannabis vapes, making it a sustainable and cost-efficient option for consumers. Jupiter worked with inventor and patent holder Alex Pasternack to expand its product portfolio and bring the THREDZ stackable technology to market.

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