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Green Monké, Cookies Introduce 100mg THC-Infused Iced Tea to California

They plan to expand the line with more flavors over the next few months.

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Green Monké, a cannabis drink maker operating in the U.S., Canada and U.K., and Cookies are bringing new, higher-dose THC-infused drink offerings to the California market.

The first Cookies x Green Monké collaboration drink will be Original California Iced Tea Lemonade, with 100mg THC in a 12 ounce can. It is the first product in Cookies’ latest line of higher-dosed beverages. It's fast-acting and provides effects in minutes. It is now available for sale at Cookies and Lemonnade retail locations.

“The consumer is our number one priority. If we’re not listening to what they want and striving to achieve that, then we’re not doing our jobs,” said Pat Gleeson, CEO of Green Monké. “The 100mg beverage category is the fastest growing category of beverages in California, and we will be bringing these drinks to consumers across the country this summer, with Michigan and Illinois next on the launch schedule.”

Since 2021, Green Monké has been known for its lineup of cannabis-infused sodas with nostalgic fruit flavors: Tropical Citrus, Orange Passionfruit, Mango Guava and Blue Raspberry. These infused sodas were designed as alcohol alternatives and traditionally featured relatively low dosages. However, Green Monké and Cookies saw the demand from consumers for higher dosage offerings and knew they had to create a 100mg of THC product line. Designed for cannabis connoisseurs, these new beverages will be available for sale at $9.99 throughout California. They plan to expand the line with more flavors over the next few months.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue to bring exciting, high-quality products to the market with best-in-class partners,” said Parker Berling, President of Cookies. “Berner worked with his own designer to create the look and feel of the Original California Iced Teas line up, inspired by flavors from his childhood.”

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