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Q&A: The Vape Market Is Growing Steadily

How Auxo's heating technology works, the new features consumers are demanding, and the company's expectations for the market.

Auxo's Cira uses innovative heating wire technology to deliver heating uniformity for every session.
Auxo's Cira uses innovative heating wire technology to deliver heating uniformity for every session.

Auxo is a supplier of innovative, high-quality vaporizers that focus on retaining cannabis's natural flavors through cutting-edge technology. The company is driven to set new standards for the portable vaporizer market in terms of flavor, potency, and ease of use, with various products to meet the needs of a diverse group of cannabis connoisseurs—whether they are smoking dry herb or concentrates.

The company's heating technology draws out a full spectrum of flavor and potency, and convenient features like magnetic loading make it accessible to more users.

In an interview with Cannabis Equipment News (CEN), the company offered insight into how Auxo's heating technology works, the new features consumers are demanding, and its expectations for the vape market. 

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

CEN: How does Auxo's heating technology work?

Auxo: Our heating technology varies in different products to deliver a perfect vaping experience for consumers. Cira is powered by our innovative heating wire technology and delivers unrivaled heating uniformity for every session. Calent is powered by advanced conduction and infrared dual-heating technology, which provides consistent and balanced sessions and opens the flavors and effects of your herb to their fullest extent. 

With advanced triple heating technology (conduction, convection, infrared), Celsius heats dry herb and concentrates thoroughly and evenly, releasing the rich aromas. Cenote applies conduction heating technology and uses a disposable ceramic nail that can easily swap out. This nail can distribute heat evenly and thoroughly without burning concentrates. 

CEN: What differentiates AUXO's product line from other vape options?

Auxo: We provide a wide portfolio of innovations to drive our partners' success. We make devices that meet multiple demands, whether for dry herb, concentrates or both. Technology is at the heart of our focus. For example, our vaporizers are powered by various advanced technologies, ranging from product structure to heating methods to different ways to enjoy flower or concentrates, such as Bluetooth app control. 

Simplicity is our philosophy—we work tirelessly to make easily enjoyable products with minimal learning curve. 

CEN: How does the company manage its supply chain to prevent disruptions?

Auxo: The company is backed by an industry leader in vaporization technology and hardware manufacturing. We adopt highly automated production lines with rigorous production control and management systems to handle the largest production capacity in the vaping industry.

CEN: What is the average time a consumer will use a vape?

Auxo: The average length a consumer will use a vape varies, but based on our research, a consumer usually takes eight-to-10 sessions on Cenote a week. 

CEN: What new features are consumers demanding in vape technology?

Auxo: According to market surveys, consumers are paying more attention to ease of use, portability, and true-to-strain flavors. Our dry herb vaporizers, Calent and Celsius, and the concentrate vaporizer, Cenote, are designed to be compact and portable. 

CEN: What are your expectations for the vape market? 

Auxo: According to our research, the vape market is growing steadily. We see that vape products are gradually replacing traditional glass bongs because of features like true-to-strain tastes, easy-to-use design and portability. We are confident about the future of the vape market.

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