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Cloudious9's New Cannabis Vape Adds Water Filtration

It should result in smoother vapor.


Cloudious9 launched its latest design, the CARTI9, a liquid concentrate 510 thread vaping device that incorporates water filtration.

“The Carti9 represents our debut in the liquid cannabis concentrate market, one of the largest segments within the cannabis industry. This revolutionary device stands apart with its distinctiveness, offering an exceptional and new consumption experience for consumers,” said Dominick Volpini, Vice President & Co-founder of Cloudious9, Inc.

The CARTI9 is designed to work with any 510 vape cartridge and lets users choose from multiple heat settings The compact and portable design features controls and an LED light indicator for easy operation and monitoring.

The CARTI9 is being brought to market by Geartonomy, Inc, a venture by the Cloudious9 team specializing in navigating heavily regulated markets such as the 510 thread vaporizer market.

“The Carti9 introduces a revolutionary portable water filtration system seamlessly integrated into a 510 cannabis concentrate vape cartridge. This groundbreaking design produces cooler, lower temperature vapor compared to traditional 510 thread devices, unlocking the full spectrum of terpenes and flavors in the underlying vape cartridges. We're thrilled to collaborate with Juva Life to launch this innovative product, perfectly complementing their new Frosted Flowers' Rosin Absolute line. Together, we offer consumers a truly elevated experience in experiencing cannabis concentrate like never before,” stated Richard Huang, CEO of Cloudious9.

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