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Acreage Sets Cannabis Vape Manufacturing Deal with Ispire

Ispire ONE works with its proprietary filling machine, enabling one-touch automation.

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Ispire Technology said it has signed an agreement with a subsidiary of Acreage Holdings, a publicly traded, vertically integrated, multi-state operator of cannabis cultivation and retailing facilities in the United States.

Under the agreement, Ispire will supply Acreage with the company's Ispire ONE vapor products and filling machines – a solution that aims to streamline vape production and enhance reliability in Acreage's retail facilities in the United States. The key features of Ispire ONE include:

  • Capless Technology: Ispire ONE eliminates the cap, simplifying devices into single-piece units. This design reduces leakage, contamination and device failure, enhancing production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Bottom Filling: Ispire ONE's innovative filling procedure prevents heating core oversaturation. This technology ensures that hot oil does not permeate the core, enhancing device reliability and providing a flawless user experience.
  • One Operator, Two Machines: Ispire ONE works with its proprietary filling machine, enabling one-touch automation. This feature allows for easy device loading, start-up unparalleled accuracy and speed, simplifying operation.

"Ispire's solution offers a seamless experience that represents the future of manufacturing efficiency, which we believe will fuel the growth of our brands, Superflux and The Botanist" said Patricia Rosi, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Acreage Holdings, Inc. "Its innovative solutions align perfectly with our commitment to quality and efficiency.  We are excited about the possibilities this relationship brings and look forward to leveraging Ispire ONE to enhance our production processes and deliver exceptional products to our customers."

"Working with our Ispire ONE team provides our clients with access to our full suite of OEM/ODM customization services," said Ispire Technology Co-Chief Executive Officer Michael Wang. "Our in-house design team is dedicated to helping clients like Acreage customize devices to align with their brand. With our ODM and OEM solutions, we look forward to helping more cannabis businesses expand and elevate their brands to new heights."

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