61 Depot Street
Buffalo, NY 14206

In 2016, Schutte partnered with a few processors and extractors across the country to help develop the most optimal size reduction equipment for the cannabis and hemp industry.

Schutte then launched their KannaMill brand in 2017. The size reduction equipment is designed to meet the unique needs of cannabis and hemp processing operations with custom detail and configuration.

A heavy-duty framework, built on decades of manufacturing rugged, durable equipment, meets the demand for highly efficient, low maintenance production, while reducing waste.

Processing all types of plant material and biomass – from delicate flower to highly abrasive hemp fibers – KannaMill delivers a consistent particle size suitable for fresh frozen, pre-rolls, optimized extraction, as well as hemp-based building and textile materials.

KannaMill has standardized their Lab Series models for in-stock availability and response to your schedule.

For larger production or unique challenges, KannaMill is custom built to your specific requirements.

KannaMill ships worldwide, and back their products with best-in-class service and partnership.

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