New Mexico Recalls Tainted Medical Cannabis

The products contained elevated levels of mold.

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SANTA FE – The New Mexico Cannabis Control Division on Thursday acted quickly to issue a product recall and to require the cannabis license holder found to be distributing products containing levels of mold above regulatory levels, as set forth in NMAC, to immediately cease and desist operations at a production and manufacturing site.

Sacred Garden Medical Cannabis, which has dispensaries in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Ruidoso and Santa Fe, was found to be selling product that had been contaminated by mold after an inspection by the state in response to a patient complaint.

The recalled cannabis bud, pre-rolls and food products is from strains named “Snow Cone” and “Protégé ’78,” and were sold at Sacred Garden Medical Cannabis dispensaries over the past several weeks. The lot numbers of the recalled cannabis are listed here

Anyone who purchased the Snow Cone and Protégé ’78 strains at Sacred Garden in the past month should check their product’s label for the listed lot numbers. If the numbers match, consumers are advised to either return it to the store where it was purchased or dispose of it. Consumers who experience adverse health effects from using affected products should contact a medical provider immediately.

The contaminated product tested at 35,000 Colony Forming Units (CFUs) per gram. The maximum allowable level is 1,000 CFU per gram. Records indicate that the product passed mandatory pre-sale inspection and that the contamination happened after the products were put on shelves in retail outlets, potentially due to improper storage conditions.

Upon receiving a report of suspected tainted or contaminated flower from a medical cannabis patient, the CCD immediately launched an investigation. A CCD investigator performed a site visit at the retail facility and gathered samples of product from the same batch that was sold to the patient. Those samples were taken to the state laboratory in Albuquerque and tested. After the product was found to be contaminated, the CCD acted immediately to issue a recall of the affected product and ordered that the license holder immediately stop operations at the manufacturing and production facility. All product from the facility that has not been recalled has been identified and will not be allowed to be sold until it is deemed by the division to be safe.

Cannabis establishments are required to have product samples tested by a certified testing laboratory prior to the batch going on sale. In addition to a visual inspection, cannabis flower undergoes homogeneity and microbiological testing, as well as testing for residual pesticides and potency. In rare cases, product may develop mold or be otherwise contaminated if a retailer does not follow proper storage protocols.

The recalled product that Sacred Garden still has on hand has been taken off the market. Consumers who would like to file a complaint with the Cannabis Control Division, please visit or call 505-476-4995 and leave a message. Your call will be returned shortly 

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