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Connecticut's Price Per Gram Reaches Highest Levels Since January 2023

But adult-use retail sales dipped month-over-month.

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Connecticut's Department of Consumer Protection today published a new dataset showing the price per gram of "usable cannabis" sold in the state's adult-use cannabis and medical marijuana markets. 

For this dataset, "usable cannabis" includes raw flower in whole, ground or pre-rolled form, without additional extracted materials.

In February, the average price per gram of usable cannabis was $12.28, up from $11.93 the previous month. The new dataset includes data collected since the market opened in January 2023, which still holds the high-water mark of $12.32 per gram.

Adult-use retail sales dipped month-over-month to $15 million—sales eclipsed $15.6 million in January 2023. Adult-use sales have more than doubled since February 2023 ($7 million). However, medical sales, which stood at $11.4 million in February 2023, dropped to $8.6 million this year. 

The average product price was up slightly in February, with adult-use reaching $40.39 ($38.99 in January 2024) and medical hitting $36.82 ($36.39).

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