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Kentucky Group Warns State Against Cutting Medical Cannabis Funding

Kentucky NORML urged policymakers to reconsider their stance.

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In response to recent attempts to limit funding for the medical cannabis program in Kentucky, Executive Director of Kentucky NORML, Matthew Bratcher, emphasizes the importance of evidence-based policymaking in public health decisions.

“Kentucky NORML is deeply concerned about recent efforts to curtail funding for the medical cannabis program until conclusive evidence of its benefits is established,” said Matthew Bratcher, Executive Director of Kentucky NORML. “As advocates for evidence-based policy, we understand the critical role that thorough research plays in guiding legislative decisions that impact public health.”

Bratcher highlighted the wealth of existing research supporting the efficacy and benefits of medical cannabis for various health conditions. “Countless studies, clinical trials, and real-world experiences have provided compelling evidence of the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis in alleviating symptoms and improving the quality of life for patients,” he said.

Furthermore, Bratcher pointed out that Kentucky NORML had previously provided the Senate with resources to support its decision-making process. “Last year, we hand-delivered a comprehensive review of recent scientific literature titled ‘Emerging Clinical Applications for Cannabis and Cannabinoids.’ We also provided NORML fact sheets for their convenience, containing essential information supporting the medical benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids.”

Bratcher emphasized the urgency of supporting the medical cannabis program without delay. “It is crucial not to delay crucial support for patients who will rely on medical cannabis as a viable treatment option,” he said. “By leveraging existing research and embracing a proactive approach to healthcare, we can enhance access to safe and effective therapies while advancing public health outcomes.”

In conclusion, Bratcher urged policymakers to reconsider their stance and collaborate to support the medical cannabis program. “We urge policymakers to make decisions grounded in sound scientific evidence and compassionate care for patients in need,” he emphasized.

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