SC Labs, AgriCor, Botanacor Team for Multi-State Cannabis Testing

Jeff Journey has been named CEO of the new company.

Jeff Journey has been named CEO of the new company.
Jeff Journey has been named CEO of the new company.

SC Labs recently announced its new partnership with Agricor and Botanacor Laboratories in Colorado. As part of the company’s new corporate leadership, long-time operating executive Jeff Journey will serve as the company’s new CEO.

Under the SC Labs brand, the new multi-state lab will service cannabis and hemp brands in Oregon, California, and Colorado, and will soon announce a new partnership with Can-Lab in Michigan.

Journey previously served as Vice President and General Manager for a biosciences business unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific, and brings experience in lab business intelligence and operations to the new role.

“It’s an honor to join this new company based on the foundation of three leading labs that have partnered to provide the industry with the highest level of scientific knowledge and technology in cannabis and hemp,” said Journey. “This new company will be about so much more than testing and R&D. We’re looking forward to partnering with cannabis and hemp brands at every stage of the supply chain to share our innovative and forward-thinking scientific expertise so they can deliver safe products to the marketplace.”

Journey joins the expanded SC Labs leadership team including Jeff Gray as Chief Innovation Officer, Josh Wurzer as Chief Operating Officer, Brendon Firestone as Chief Commercial Officer, Grant Gooder as Chief Financial Officer and Richard Strong as Senior Vice President of IT and Digital Experience.

The new company will provide the cannabis and hemp testing market with a range of testing resources, improved data delivery, innovative science, instrument redundancy and increased testing capacity, and improved operations to accelerate turnaround times.

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