Heritage Cannabis Launches Environmentally Friendly Packaging

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Heritage Cannabis has launched Heritage Helps, a new program that combines initiatives that support the environment and communities in which it operates. It will be introduced throughout 2022.

Heritage said it is committed to being as environmentally sensitive as possible while remaining competitive in the market in both product quality and the pricing to which our customers have become accustomed. The company's first initiative is to convert all packaging for its Pura Vida brand to the most environmentally friendly packaging feasible. Going forward Pura Vida’s packaging will include the use of paper-based, recyclable and/or biodegradable bags and tubes. With a more environmentally sustainable focus, the Pura Vida brand will better reflect its underlying meaning.

Additionally, this summer Heritage will be announcing a partnership with an organization that is focused on people in need. Whether the needs are related to clothing, food, jobs, health, services or accessible cannabis. The partner organization is planning to expand across Canada and be nationally recognized as a resource for the under-served, and Heritage Helps will be there in support of these efforts, connecting with the community.

“We have spent over a year transitioning Heritage to a true brands company, and now with a solid foundation we are in a position to give back both environmentally and through social programs,” said David Schwede, CEO of Heritage. “Having dealt with financial stress and addictions in my family I have always wanted to be in a position to help. It doesn’t take much to make a difference and with our committed staff and small investment in our environmental footprint and community involvement we can be truly impactful through Heritage Helps.”

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