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Ziel's Cannabis Decontamination Solutions Earn GMP Clearance in Europe

In the European market, radio frequency does not require additional labeling and licensing.

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Ziel today announced that its partner Portocanna, a medical cannabis processor in Portugal, received GMP validation for the decontamination of cannabis flower using Ziel’s radio Frequency System (RF) technology. With the GMP certification in an EU member state, Portocanna is well positioned to supply medical cannabis from their EU-GMP pharmaceutical facility to the expanding markets in Germany and the UK.

GMP defines the minimum standard that medical manufacturers must meet in their product processing operations under the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which coordinates and standardizes GMP activities at the European Union (EU) level. All entities that import or export cannabis to and within the EU are required to be GMP certified, representing a substantial investment and commitment to comply with these regulations. With this first GMP certification, Ziel’s technology now provides cultivators and post-harvest processors seeking to produce within the EU, or export to the EU, a clear, streamlined pathway for integrating a microbial control step into their operations.

Radio frequency is a non-ionizing, thermal process compliant with organic processes. In the European market, radio frequency does not require additional labeling and licensing for use in cannabis decontamination. For example, Germany requires registration of all strains treated with ionizing radiation (X-ray, gamma, and e-beam) prior to distribution within the country; a process that takes 6 to 9 months and an administrative fee of €2,500 per strain.

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