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Insider Q&A: Notes from a Cannabis Seed Bank

What it takes to become a "trusted breeder" and the most misleading myth in the ongoing seeds versus clones debate.

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Premium Cultivars is a cannabis seed bank that is a source for premium cannabis genetics. The company has a number of strains that have been carefully selected from trusted breeders. 

The company recently released the results of an interesting study that confirmed, according to the company, that sex is better when you're high

Cannabis Equipment News recently had a chance to interview Cameron Matthews, communications director of Premium Cultivars, who shares his thoughts on his company's survey results, what it takes to become a "trusted breeder" and the most misleading myth in the ongoing seeds versus clones debate.

Cannabis Equipment News: How have current market conditions impacted your business?

Cameron Matthews: As people become more keen on the [Hemp Production and the 2018 Farm Bill] and more states pass home growing measures, we have seen an uptick in sales. People of all ages are adding strains they enjoyed decades ago to newer strains that are hot in California today.

CEN: What does it take to become a Premium Cultivars "trusted breeder”?

Matthews: We master new genetics in house and have a network of trusted people we work with. Because of Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVd), which causes stunted or weak plants and other genetic issues, we tend to stick with the same folks we’ve worked with since the early 2000s.

CEN: What is the greatest misconception or myth when it comes to the seeds vs. clones debate?

Matthews: The myth that clones always produce identical results can be misleading. While clones are genetically identical to their parent plant, other factors like environmental conditions, pathogens and stress can affect their growth and performance. Clones can also inherit any genetic issues or weaknesses present in the parent plant.

CEN: What precautions do you have to take when storing and maintaining seeds?

Matthews: We store our seeds in a climate-controlled environment to keep the embryo within the seed alive. Moisture is the biggest threat to seed viability over the long term, so storing seeds in a dark dry place is the only acceptable practice.

CEN: If you had to pick one seed to start a new business, what would it be?

Matthews: Well, what I can tell you is that every “breeder” is running Zkittlez right now. If i had to pick something, it would be a different part of the market that we aren't seeing everywhere that could build a flavor profile and brand around.

CEN: You recently revealed the results of a survey that declared "sex is better while high." Did any of the data surprise you?

Matthews: Very unsurprisingly, we all knew what the response was going to be. What we have now done is concluded a statistically relevant survey that has confirmed our hypothesis. You heard it here first for fact: Sex is better whilst high.

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