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GrowRay, Pacific Bloom to Provide International Cultivator with LED Solutions

The project will become one of the largest hemp farms in the world.

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GrowRay Technologies

GrowRay Technologies, a cannabis technology company owned and operated by licensed cultivators, has partnered with Canadian consultancy group Pacific Bloom to provide LED lighting for Melabis Labs in Uzbekistan. This project will become one of the largest hemp farms in the world to date. 

GrowRay, which works to increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability for horticulturalists, will provide more than 750 of its TR4 lights for the Uzbekistan-based project in partnership with Pacific Bloom. Pacific Bloom helps cultivators produce and bring to market the best cannabis through its network of strategic advisors and its partnerships with leading technology firms and equipment manufacturers.

“GrowRay’s partnership with Pacific Bloom is helping us expand our footprint worldwide,” says Jordan Stauder, commercial cultivation advisor for GrowRay. “We’re thrilled to use this opportunity to partner with Pacific Bloom and continue to help increase the quality and quantity of cannabis production internationally.”

GrowRay invented the Triangular Extrusion Shade Reduction Bar for horticulturists and cannabis cultivators to use in tandem with the GrowRay full-spectrum LED lights and light sensing Adaptive Controller in greenhouses and in all other growth applications. When paired together, the system reduces energy consumption compared to any other greenhouse lighting option on the market by optimizing efficient light across the plant canopy. 

GrowRay’s Triangular Shade Reduction Bar design has a unique geometry that reduces the cost of supplemental greenhouse lighting by reflecting available sunlight into the plant canopy below. GrowRay’s patented triangular light bars are made of highly reflective aluminum to provide  uniform, homogeneous PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) without additional shading. 

For a video explanation of the newest patented product from GrowRay, click here.

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